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Comprehensive webinars and short courses aimed at training users, including design engineers and project engineers, on the technologies, chemistries, market uses, the latest developments, and more.

Emulsion Polymerization & Formulation Applications

WEBINAR | July 31, 2024

This webinar will cover the fundamentals of emulsion polymerization along with a brief review the basics of polymer chemistry. The various emulsion polymerization techniques that are in use currently will be covered including recipes and polymerization steps. This webinar will focus on how to formulate a PSA for end use applications and prepare a coater ready emulsion formulation. Finally, the sustainability aspects of emulsion polymerization will be covered with advantages over other adhesive technologies.

Sustainable Adhesives from Biobased Feedstocks & Biomimetic Chemistry

WEBINAR | August 28, 2024

Modern adhesives have excellent performance but create environmental issues owing to inabilities to debond substrates, hinderance of materials recycling, and contributions to ocean microplastics. The chemistry of adhesives in sea creatures, such as mussels and oysters, is guiding our efforts to develop new classes of sustainable materials. When combined with catechol chemistry from shellfish, both proteins and vegetable oils can provide the basis for new high-performance adhesives. Bond strengths can compare with epoxies, costs can be low, and precursors are already available on train scale scales. Fundamental studies of how sea creatures stick is now yielding adhesives that can be derived from fully sustainable feedstocks.

The Road Ahead: Navigating the Automotive Market

WEBINAR | September 26, 2024

How will the future auto market evolve? Will the US have a mix of propulsion systems for longer than other global markets? Are supply constraints fully behind us and will 2024 and 2025 be a more demand-driven market? What are the strategies automakers and suppliers will use to address varying propulsion demands and rising costs?

Thermal Interface Materials for EV Batteries

WEBINAR | October 16, 2024

The battery lifetime, the performance of charge and discharge and the thermal Runaway safety risk are some of the concerns that Thermal Interface Material (TIM) can address. To achieve an efficient thermal management during the vehicle operating life, a high thermal conductivity value is not sufficient, material properties as (1) adhesion strength, (2) coefficient of thermal expansion and (3) elastomeric modulus will secure the interface contact which is critical to reduce the interfacial thermal resistivity and maintain a stable heat flow during the battery pack lifetime. The change from the modular design (cell to pack) to structural pack design (cell to chassis) is addressed in the Webinar to highlight the importance of the design on the material selection. Indeed, the original design has seen a large adoption of Gap filler as TIM, the new design sees a shift to adhesive TIM…

Free Summer Sustainability Series

Don’t miss this FREE sustainability resource for educating your staff in CORE sustainability fundamentals for better understanding, consensus, and strategy.

The series includes:

  • June 11th – Using Mass Balance Raw Materials in Adhesives and Sealants
  • July 12th – Hidden Insights: Use of Life Cycle Assessment to Know Where and How We Can Take Action
  • August 7th – How to Measure, Report, and Reduce Your Scope 3 Emissions
  • August 23rd – Certified Mass Balance and Attribution Approaches

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On-Demand Adhesive & Sealant Webinars

ASC’s On-Demand Webinars cover diverse, relevant topics such as specific markets, technologies, chemistries, current research in periphery topics of adhesives adhesion and sealants. The content is designed to address needs and interests of both new and veteran professionals.

These highly informative recorded educational webinars are available for purchase and are delivered on ASC’s fundamental, non-commercial platform.

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Free Friday Webinar Series FULL LIBRARY

ASC’s FreeFridayWebinar Series are FREE for all to attend. These informative webinars include commercial product introductions from industry suppliers. They cover diverse raw materials and equipment needs for the adhesive & sealant industry.

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