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Semi-Autonomous Heavy Construction Equipment Breaks Ground on Job Sites

A company building autonomous technology for heavy construction equipment, Teleo, recently announced a Florida-based construction company, Tomahawk, will become the first customer to deploy its autonomous capabilities on an active job site. Tomahawk Construction’s articulated dump trucks will be able to use autonomous functions to move material to build a residential community in Naples, FL starting in December. In addition, Teleo announced deals with eight new construction customers, including Florida-based Ajax Paving Industries of FL, LLC. Collectively, Teleo’s new customers have placed orders for 42 machines. Teleo also announced the addition of Ozark Laser, Murphy Tractor and Position Partners to its global dealer partner network, establishing its dealer footprint across seven states in American Midwest, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

“Construction companies are facing historic labor shortages and incurring significant costs as their machines sit idle,” said Vinay Shet, Co-founder and CEO, Teleo. “We are seeing an unprecedented number of customer orders which demonstrates Teleo’s powerful value proposition. Our technology breathes new life into our customers’ machines, addresses their labor shortages, and makes the operators’ role safer and more comfortable.”

The initial autonomous capability being launched by Teleo is tramming, or autonomous hauling materials from one point to another. Tomahawk Construction will use its Teleo-equipped articulated dump trucks for autonomous tramming across a Naples, Florida job site where they will move material to build a residential community. The autonomous feature introduction will begin on three machines and roll out to 12 machines over the course of a few months. Operators driving dump trucks spend the majority of their time tramming from one point to another. By automating the tramming portion, one operator can run multiple machines simultaneously, multiplying their productivity. The physical dumping of materials will be handled remotely by one operator controlling multiple machines from a comfortable command center.

Adhesives and sealants are vital to modern heavy equipment manufacturing and MRO in order to optimize assembly and manufacturing processes including benefits like reduced weight, increase durability, and enhanced reliability of equipment, thereby driving down manufacturing and operating costs.

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Source: Teleo