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New Robotic Adhesive and Sealant System Using 3D Adaptive Process Control

Michigan-based Coherix Partners, a 3D adaptive process control technology company, is working with Eastern Michigan University (EMU) in Ypsilanti, Michigan, to develop “factory-of-the-future” manufacturing and assembly technology. The three-year program at the university’s GameAbove College of Engineering and Technology is focused on precision-manufacturing applications in the growing field of adhesive-dispensing technology and is supported by a $385,000 grant from Coherix.

Mohamad Qatu, dean of EMU’s GameAbove college, notes that an important objective of the project will be to help expand the use of computer vision, virtual reality, and adaptive-process-control systems in the automotive, medical and consumer-electronics industries.

“The program will provide our students with experience in the programming and use of industrial robots to dispense adhesives and sealants in the manufacture of cars, medical devices and consumer electronics — technology that could save billions of dollars in manufacturing costs,” said Qatu.

“We are looking forward to partnering with Eastern Michigan University,” said Dwight Carlson, Coherix chairman and CEO. “Our goal is to offer engineering students at the university advanced factory-of-the-future training as well as access to the latest adaptive-process-control and dispensing-system technology under development at Coherix.”

Over the next three years, more than 70 mechanical-engineering graduate and undergraduate students are expected to take part in the program developed and directed by Associate Professor Emad Tanbour. A major part of their work will take place in a computer-vision and virtual-reality research facility at EMU provided by Coherix.

According to Tanbour, the undergraduate students currently enrolled in the Coherix program are Michigan residents with an interest in pursuing engineering careers at companies with facilities in the state.

Several other companies provided equipment for the Coherix laboratory. Kawasaki Robotics, for example, donated an industrial robot while Sames supplied dispensing equipment and the Gonzalez Group provided safety fencing.


Tyler Werth, an EMU mechanical-engineering senior from Milan, Michigan, said, “I feel as though I am getting a real engineering experience thanks to Coherix and Professor Tanbour. Through the Coherix program, I’m finally able to get the internship experience that I have wanted. I also have been able to work on my senior project with some of the best dispensing engineers in the nation.”

Source: Coherix / EMU