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New Epoxy Syntactic Paste Adhesives for Aerospace Applications

A major adhesive and sealant manufacturer, PPG, released two new adhesives for the aerospace market. The new adhesives include PPG PR-2940™, an epoxy syntactic paste adhesive (ESPA) for bonding the internal structures of an aircraft; and PPG PR-2936™, an adhesive that incorporates the properties of a shim and sealant for attaching the outer skin of an aircraft to the internal structures.

“We are excited to add these adhesive technologies to our product offering,” said Sean Purdy, PPG global director, coatings and sealants, Aerospace. “They will provide our aerospace customers with significant performance benefits as well as sustainability advantages through lightweighting.”

PPG PR-2940 ESPA adhesive is a lightweight potting compound used by both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MROs) customers on secondary aircraft structures. It fills and reinforces the honeycomb structures used to manufacture an aircraft’s internal components, including the inner wing structure, galley, lavatories, overhead bins, and flooring.

PPG PR-2936 adhesive is used by OEMs to attach the metallic or composite skin of an aircraft to the internal structures of the fuselage, tail assembly, wings, and stabilizers. This epoxy-based adhesive cures at ambient temperatures and is designed to fill gaps or irregularities between the surfaces of the primary and secondary structures. It combines outstanding mechanical strength with flexibility and microcracking resistance across a wide operating temperature window.

“Sustainability is a key priority across PPG, including new product innovations,” said Daniel Sydes, PPG global product manager, adhesives, Aerospace. “These new adhesives offer improved chemistries and low-density properties while maintaining a high strength-to-weight ratio that aids in increasing the fuel efficiency of aircraft.”

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Source: PPG