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New $750 Million Manufactured Homes Builder to Open First U.S. Based Facility in Georgia

ADMARES, a Finland based maker of factory-produced homes and buildings, plans to establish its first U.S. facility in Southeast Georgia. The company utilizes robotics to construct factory-built buildings in a closed environment. Additionally, the company is moving it’s headquarters to the U.S. The new manufacturing facility will cost $750 Million and add 1,400 jobs to southeast Georgia.  Factory, Bringing 1,400 Jobs to Georgia

The company reports that it aims to bring efficient manufacturing practices from the shipbuilding sector and other process industries to the construction segment. It has collaborated with a pair of German companies — Siemens and Porsche — to develop it’s technology, which utilizes robotics to construct entire buildings at the factory site. The manufacturing facility will likely require substantial adhesive and sealant product solutions and industry partners to maximize quality and efficiencies.

The company’s buildings have been utilized in both the residential and hospitality sectors, although the Waycross plant will specialize in housing facilities. ADMARES founder and CEO Mikael Hedberg credited the area’s access to highway and rail transportation, along with its proximity to the Port of Brunswick on Georgia’s Atlantic Coast, for the decision to expand to the state.

The factory is expected to begin production toward the end of 2025.

Source: Engineering360