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Jowat’s Green Adhesives Initiative Towards More Sustainable Bonding Solutions

Jowat reports that has begun offering ‘future-oriented’ products with its Green Adhesives portfolio. Developed with a focus on practical applications and industrial-scale availability, the company’s Green Adhesives portfolio comprises a range of adhesives that offer industrial applications equal to their conventional counterparts, according to Jowat

The company’s objective for many years has therefore been to develop bonding solutions that are more environmentally friendly and which can make a real difference in the wide range of processes in industry.

The manufacturing of “green” adhesives is part of their innovative approach which focuses on the many different aspects of sustainability. Resource conservation, occupational safety, a healthy environment and the use of renewable raw materials are areas where Jowat reports it can make a direct impact. To that end, the company keeps an eye on the big picture and takes into account the entire bonding process. The company reports that this diversity is reflected with their green portfolio, which provides fitting solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.


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Source: Jowat