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Biorefinery Investments Increase Availability of Biobased Adhesive & Sealant Products

As the adhesive and sealant industry continues to partner with manufacturers to deliver reliable solutions for sustainable biobased products, investments in manufacturing facilities are critical to continuing to meet this demand and create efficiences to further the circular economy. One such supplier, Kraton Corp., has recently completed a $35 million investment to upgrade its crude tall oil (CTO) biorefinery towers in its Panama City, Florida manufacturing facility. The new infrastructure was completed in November with the highest safety and quality standards, for continued service to its customers.

“We are excited to unveil this strategic investment in our biorefinery operations,” said Edgar Baena, VP, Global Operations, Kraton Pine Chemicals. “Our upgraded towers will ensure Kraton continues delivering the highest quality and sustainable biobased products and solutions our customers rely on.”

“Upgrading our Panama City facility enables us to enhance our efficiency and continue delivering reliable product supply to our customers for years to come,” said Kevin Campbell, VP, Pine Chemicals Commercial and Procurement. “This investment aligns with our commitment to growing the pine chemicals business through innovation and advancing the biobased and circular economy.”

The towers project is Panama City’s largest single capital investment in the last 50 years, demonstrating Kraton’s strong dedication to continuous improvement to within the pine chemicals industry.

Source: Kraton Corporation