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New Electrical Insulation Tapes for EV Battery Packs

Avery Dennison Performance Tapes has released a newly developed portfolio of electrical insulation tapes under the Volt Tough™ name. The company reports that this advanced offering of electrically insulative, single-sided filmic tapes is engineered to address the challenges of insufficient electrical insulation in EV battery packs.

“With every major OEM currently electrifying their fleets, engineers are facing new challenges in dealing with high voltages in their battery packs,” said Scott Krusinski, market manager, Energy Storage, Avery Dennison. “The need for safe, reliable, high-performing solutions has never been greater. The Volt Tough™ portfolio is specifically engineered to enhance electrical insulation in EV battery packs. Proper insulation is critical to protecting cells and other sensitive components to prevent electrical arcing that can lead to shorting and fires.” 

Arcing can occur between high-voltage battery cells and conductive components throughout a pack, including the cooling components, busbars, cell connection systems, heat spreaders, and other structural elements. 

The Volt Tough™ portfolio includes a wide range of tapes that incorporate several critical features for OEMs and converters, including:  

  • Conformable options for curved geometries
  • High abrasion-resistant options
  • Various color options for vision inspection systems
  • Flame-retardant options for UL® 94 and other flame requirements
  • High dielectric strength with thin, consistent profiles enabling higher energy density
  • Instant bonding to enable efficient production

The company reports that in comparison to EV battery spray coatings, Volt Tough™ tapes provide a multitude of benefits that render it a more advanced solution, including lower cost, no curing time, thinner profiles for better heat flow and extended shelf life. 


Source: Avery Dennison