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A Look at Medical-Grade Adhesives for Device Manufacturing

Medical-grade adhesives and sealants are specifically designed to meet the needs of medical device manufacturers. These products are formulated to meet stringent standards for biocompatibility and non-cytotoxicity.

One of the key characteristics of medical-grade adhesives is their ability to withstand various sterilization methods, including radiation, ethylene oxide, and cold sterilants. Some medical-grade adhesives can even resist repeated autoclaving and hydrogen peroxide sterilization. Additionally, these adhesives may possess other performance properties such as optical clarity, thermal stability, thermal conductivity, and the ability to bond to difficult substrates.

Medical-grade epoxies find applications in a wide range of medical devices, including dental equipment, diagnostics, monitoring systems, surgical instruments, and prosthetics. Conductive epoxies, for instance, can be used to secure and seal electrical connections and encapsulating wireless sensors for medical equipment monitoring. These adhesives have low viscosity, non-rapid cure time, and durability, all ideal for medical applications.

In short, medical-grade adhesives offer excellent biocompatibility, sterilization resistance, and performance properties for various medical device applications.

Source: FagenWasanni Tech